Xerot Premium Vodka

Xerot Premium Vodka 25.00

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Called Xerot, (pronounced Hero) our new vodka is the best pure grain vodka I've tried. There are strictly limited quantities of Xerot, so it will not be here for long! The Spirit for Xerot is distilled in France, it is then bought to London and turned into Vodka, filtered and bottled.

Volume: 70cl
Strength: 43%

Unfortunately we have now run out of Xerot Premium Vodka.

Tasting Note

Xerot is soft and exceptionally smooth, it is more crisp than our potato vodka Krol Kazimiersz and drier too. Xerot Vodka is strong at 43% it is perfect for cocktails or with mixers, it can be kept in the freezer if you prefer shooters! Xerot has a dry slightly nutty, grainy hint of flavour, there is no harsh throat burn and you do not get that nasal chemical feel that you get with so many vodkas. The finish is short and neutral, warm and pleasant!

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Wow - absolutely the best flavoured vodka I have every tried. And I have tried a lot. A really authentic caramel taste, not too sweet, with a hint of burnt sugar - just exactly like the base of a really good creme caramel dessert. This is a really top drink.


Xerot Premium Vodka