Fabulous Anise Gin

Fabulous Anise Gin 19.00

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Fabulous Anise Gin is our latest product, it is made using a premium London Dry Gin Recipe which is then added to a sweet Star Anise syrup that is hand made by The Fabulous Vodka Company. This gives us a lovely strong, reasonably sweet Aniseed flavoured Gin, Suitable for use as an after dinner liqueur or for shots or use in cocktails. Obviously we have had to do extensive testing of our Anise Gin, and I loved it just on ice, or as a long drink with tonic water, we would love to hear your suggestions for its use.

Volume: 50cl
Strength: 37.5%

Unfortunately we have now run out of Fabulous Anise Gin.

Tasting Note

Aniseed! lots and lots of lovely aniseed, all underpinned by a dry junipery gin. The sweetness is balanced by the dryness and heavy bottom end provided by the gin, at no point does this feel wishy washy it is a proper strong liqueur type spirit, the finish fades from strong aniseed to herby floral gin. As with all Fabulous Vodka Products there are no artificial flavourings used so there is no chemical after taste, The gin is made with pure grain spirit and is distilled by hand in small batches.

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Wow - absolutely the best flavoured vodka I have every tried. And I have tried a lot. A really authentic caramel taste, not too sweet, with a hint of burnt sugar - just exactly like the base of a really good creme caramel dessert. This is a really top drink.


Fabulous Anise Gin